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Waste management and green technology survey in Asia

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Green living show case. Image:
You must have known, that in May 2015, more than 1000 people have been killed since the air temperature is very hot in India, around 50 degrees Celsius. What are the causes of such extreme temperatures? Is it true that because of the real effects of global warming?

Whether there has been a change of climate which is so extreme in India? What about other countries? Do we have to care or fail to prevent global warming?

On this page, I present the results of a survey of YouGovSurvey, because I am a member of this survey. Hopefully the information as mentioned below can provide benefits for all of us, especially in the context of creating a greener environment around us.

Based on a survey conducted by YouGov, a renowned institution, then found opinion of people in Asia on environmental issues in their country. The survey also associated with the problem of global warming, and how prevention can be done. Perhaps this survey are very interesting for you to learn, and you can make the guidelines in your country, at least to you and your family, so that more and more people are concerned about the need to prevent global warming.

Want to know more about what Asians think about Green Technology?

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A green attitude supposed to be everyone's new resolution

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Beautiful environment in Bali. Image:
By Komang Setiabudi

Since the problem of global warming became an issue in the world, as well as about the consequences of climate change, a growing number of world leaders, green activists, politicians and many others who spoke about the importance of green earth and blue sky.

Lots of ideas, creativity and actions that have sprung up in order to prevent global warming, even expected that global warming can be stopped. World bodies like the United Nations are also busy voiced about the dangers of environmental destruction, which resulted in bad weather, indiscriminate logging, and a variety of environmental activities in many countries.
green resolution, air pollution, animal preservation, stop global warming tips, prevent global warming, go green, protect forest, save environment, save tree,
Air pollution. Image:
Meanwhile, politicians and government officials involved in many scandals or receive bribes from various global corporate giants to change the function of the protected forest, or fail to prevent environmental pollution in a city or the countryside. 

There are many promise of the politicians or government candidates in every election that promises to improve environmental conditions, but they promise to be poor in the implementation.

The Balinese way to prevent global warming

by Sidarta Wijaya

Bunut Bolong, old tree in Bali, Hindu Bali, Balinese way to prevent global warming, stop global warming tips
Bunut Bolong, unique tree, protected by Balinese Hindu.
Global warming has been the most popular and the most global problem recently and various ways have been thought, planed and implemented to fight the global warming and in the United Nation Conference For Climate Change in Nusa Dua last week came up with a proposal to adopt Balinese Nyepi (silent day) in which no activity is allowed for 24 hours, no working, no travelling, absence from using electricity, engine and other pollution-generate devices. This proposal seems quite tough to be adopted by the fast-paced developed nation but Nyepi is not the only kind of effort to fight global warming has to offer there are several simpler efforts to preserve the environment and reducing glass-house effect that have been practiced by Balinese for centuries.
prevent global warming, stop global waring, tips to stop global warming, Balinese way to protect nature, Hindu Bali
Balinese have a special ceremony to beg express gratitude to the vegetation and beg for their prosperity to the God so they can always provide their crops for mankind. The ceremony is called Tumpek Wariga or Tumpek Pengatag. Plants are seen as human relatives, as they are also part of God’s family. It is people’s duty to protect plants; moreover Balinese believe that prosperity and comfort will come around whenever the vegetation is protected and conserved.

How do our bodies reduce the impact of air pollution?

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Air pollution in Beijing. Image:
You definitely feel the difference in the air quality in major cities and the countryside, and we have heard how Beijing with a very dense population of dizziness facing air pollution, as well as other major cities in the world.

 Exposure to pollution often can not be avoided. Even so, it turns the body has its own mechanism to counteract the pollution so that the normal exposure, the body is only getting minimal impact.

As quoted from the website, Agus Dwi Susanto, a lung specialist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia explained that, the body has a mechanism of disposal of carbon monoxide at a time, which is in the morning after waking. Carbon monoxide is known as the most abundant gas in air pollution, especially from vehicle exhaust. Agus said that the release of carbon monoxide gas will be equivalent to that enter the body from exposure to pollution with normal levels. 

Miss World 2013 on the conservation of rare animals in Bali

rare animal preservation, orang utan, jalak Bali, gajah sumatera, sumatran tiger
Miss World participant activities in Bali Safari and Marine Park with Orangutans and other rare animals. Image:
The Miss World contest in September 2013 in Bali is not only a beauty pageant contests and intelligence of beautiful women from 130 countries, but also, they have a concern for children with special needs, learning arts and crafts such as dances and other social activities, the beautiful woman is also concerned with the conservation and preservation of endangered species and environment. 

Miss World 2013 pageant organizers invite the world-class beauty pageant contestant on a visit in of Bali Safari & Marine Park, Gianyar, to get to know a variety of native animals and the conservation. They may make this visit to enjoy a tour living environment and the preservation of endangered species Indonesian native which has been rare. With this visit, the beautiful women can be informed about the importance of human nature to preserve and prevent poaching of rare animals in their own countries. This activity is just as important as the tropical rain forest greenery (reboisasi), and planting mangroves at many beaches.

Flash floods in Colorado, is a sign of global warming?

The highest record rainfall in September in Colorado, which was recorded in 1940, has been exceeded. Large floods that have swept Colorado in the United States this has cause the missing of more than 200 people, not to mention the damage to homes, roads, the death of some people, animals and trees. 
Flood in Colorado USA, global warming, climate change
The flash floods in Colorado, USA. Image:

As a result of the terrible floods and widespread impact, President Barack Obama through FEMA or federal emergency management agency to declare a state of emergency  for Boulder, Larimer and El Paso County. The declaration allows FEMA to bring the best 4 ever rescue team stationed in Colorado.

In Boulder, rain during September caused flooding in the border city of Boulder Canyon and cause approximately 4,000 residents have moved to a safer place. In Longmont, about 23 miles northeast of Boulder, St. Vrain River water also flooded the cliff overfill the main highway leading to many roads were closed and many of the guides aground.

Harrison Ford shooting a movie about the forest environmental in Indonesia

Harrison Ford make movie in Kalimantan, Indonesian forest
Harrison Ford received a garland of trained elephants at the camp in the flying squad WWF Nilo forest. Image: Zamzami,
Celebrities and socialites can indeed be an appeal to raise important issues that could attract the attention of world leaders and society so that the world would pay closer attention to a problem that has occurred, especially when the problem will have broad impact in the future.
Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Hans Solo, Harrison Ford new movie
Indiana Jones. 
Recently, the Hollywood film star, best known for the movie Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford was in Indonesia. Ford is making a documentary glow 'Years of Living Dangerously' is one of the highlights of deforestation in Indonesia.

Such as his role in Indiana Jones who became an archaeologist, in the real world, Ford now become environmental activists. Ford is very attentive to the protection of tropical rain forests. Indonesia has a fairly high rate of forest destruction due to logging, conversion for plantations and forest fires. It is considered not surprising then Ford, starring Hans Solo in Star Wars, pay attention and heed Indonesia, as reported by, Tuesday (09/10/2013).
Years of Living Dangerously the shooting, Harrison Ford new movie, Indonesian forest, save Indonesian forest, reboisasi
Harrison Ford and crew when shooting in Nilo forestImage: Zamzami,
Harrison Ford made ​​a movie called "Years of Living Dangerously" is in the jungle of Central Kalimantan.

 He also had to Pekanbaru, Riau province, in an area where there is frequent forest fires. Shooting was also carried out in Nilo National Park, Riau.

Adventure and save coral reefs in Ujung Kulon National Park

Save coral reef in Ujung Kulon, save coral reef, diving in ujung kulon
Diving in Ujung Kulon. Image:
Are you a tourist who also cares about environmental sustainability? You are also people who want to prevent global warming? 

Perhaps you are also very fond of a diver or snorkel in the crystal clear beaches. 

Underwater beauty can indeed be sea sports activities. There are many novice and professional divers who have enjoyed the beauty of the coral reefs in many exotic dive spots. Are they also care to save coral reefs (terumbu karang), beautiful fishes and many other marine resources? 

Ujung Kulon National Park you can also find the rare one-horned rhinoceros (badak bercula satu), met with a herd of Javanese bison (Banteng Jawa), and protected areas has tremendous biodiversity. If you are a scientist and forest lovers, you must be happy adventure in this park.

Balinese unique way to protect trees

unique tree in Bali, Bunut Bolong, Tri Hita Karana, Bali, save environment
Bunut Bolong, Manggisari, Bali. Image: Bali is My Life (Faceebok fan page)
Human, environmental and other hosts such as animals or trees should live together in peace, to care for each other. When people need a way to get to a place, would have made ​​a good road so they can get faster in the goal. If you look at this photo, a community on the island of Bali has a unique way to rescue an old tree, a tree named "Bunut", which was related to tree banyan tree. Incidentally this tree has no gaps or holes, then there was a compromise between man and the tree, the tree can still grow beautiful, people can freely pass on the sidelines of the tree to go to another village and return to their hometown, and vice versa.

Hindu communities in Bali believe a philosophy known as the "Tri Hita Karana". So, there are three things that must be done by humans: First, establish relationship which harmonious with God the Creator. Second: Humans also foster harmonious relationships with fellow human beings. Third: People should have a balanced and harmonious relationship with the environment.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Mangrove Ambassador from Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo mangrove ambasador, mangrove in bali
Cristiano Ronaldo with the Chairman of Mangrove Care Forum in MadridImage:

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has been named as an ambassador for mangrove rescue program in Indonesia, by Mangrove Care Forum. The forum is based in Benoa, Bali; they hope Ronaldo can promote awareness to conserve mangroves in Indonesia, especially in Bali. This deal has actually been going on since last March 8, 2013. At that time, Tommy Winata (Forum Chair) was talking face to face with Ronaldo in Madrid. Ronaldo, The Portuguese star is known for doing charity work. Real Madrid's top scorer that season before has donated one hundred thousand pounds, to children affected by war in Afghanistan.

Mangrove Care Forum is a mangrove conservation movement backed by five concerned citizens based in the south of Tanjung Benoa, Bali. Mangrove Care Forum which will be inaugurated in May 2013. This forum aims to increase public awareness of the importance of mangrove forests, as well as invite the active participation of the public, and restore ecosystems and biodiversity of the mangrove plants.

Building the Green Infrastructure

Bundaran HI Jakarta, great flood, environment in Jakarta
Flooding in the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, January, 17, 2013. Image:

Great flood that occurred in Jakarta and other natural disasters that occurred in various countries earlier this year and that happened last year was apparently not aware of our government officials, members of parliament about the importance of protecting the environment and nature around us.

Rain forest in Indonesia, green infrastructure, save forest, reboisasi
Rain forest in Indonesia. Image:

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