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Miss World 2013 on the conservation of rare animals in Bali

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Miss World participant activities in Bali Safari and Marine Park with Orangutans and other rare animals. Image:
The Miss World contest in September 2013 in Bali is not only a beauty pageant contests and intelligence of beautiful women from 130 countries, but also, they have a concern for children with special needs, learning arts and crafts such as dances and other social activities, the beautiful woman is also concerned with the conservation and preservation of endangered species and environment. 

Miss World 2013 pageant organizers invite the world-class beauty pageant contestant on a visit in of Bali Safari & Marine Park, Gianyar, to get to know a variety of native animals and the conservation. They may make this visit to enjoy a tour living environment and the preservation of endangered species Indonesian native which has been rare. With this visit, the beautiful women can be informed about the importance of human nature to preserve and prevent poaching of rare animals in their own countries. This activity is just as important as the tropical rain forest greenery (reboisasi), and planting mangroves at many beaches.
In this park they see and learn the six conservation of rare animals such as Curik of Bali, Sumatran elephants, Komodo dragons, Sumatran Tiger, binturong and Orang Utans. This park has a front door rare animal conservation in Indonesia. Miss World participants can get to know more serious about conservation and saving endangered animals. Bali is very unique because it is not only the world's premier tourist destination, Bali has become a rare animal conservation. Bali also has managed menangkar Jalak Bali, Bali native birds.

Chairman of Miss World Organization Julia Morley said, through a visit to the safari park, a lot of lessons that can be taken of the contestants. Not only had the opportunity to see and interact directly with a variety of animals native to Indonesia who was there, of Bali Safari & Marine Park also provide new knowledge to the contestants with the philosophy and concept of Tri Hita Karana. This concept has been run since time immemorial by people of Bali. Tri Hita Karana is three indigenous of Bali society in a harmonious relationship with God the Creator, keeping the balance of human relationships and the natural surroundings.

Preservation of baby sea turtles
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The participants of Miss World 2013 release baby sea turtles at Pantai Ikan, Nusa DuaImage:

When the contestants begin their first day of the contest by releasing hatchlings at Pantai Ikan , the Westin Resort , Nusa Dua . Hundreds of turtle hatchlings are released or child of the contestants of Miss World 2013. The hatchlings derived from eggs of turtles that nest along Kuta Beach .

Turtle conservation in Bali organized by the Bali Sea Turtle Society ( BSTs ). Chairman BSTs I Wayan Wiradnyana mention, during the last few years a lot of turtles that nest in the area of ​​Kuta Beach . Hatchlings were released into the oceans of the contestants is a type of olive ridley turtles ( Lepidochelys olivacea ) which re-spawn along Kuta Beach after a 25 year absence .

Wayan added that since 2002, the BSTs has collected more than 20,000 eggs . "We then take the eggs into captivity, and 80 % of the eggs hatched and we succeed, then we release the baby turtles into the sea,"

Wayan teaches participants the beautiful woman contestant to release the hatchling as far as two meters from the sea. It is important that the turtle can be used to recognize the smell of sand , and they will return to the beach to lay their eggs in the future.
Miss World posing with Sumatran elephant.

If you are on holiday in Bali, you can also see the turtle egg hatcheries in Kuta or Sanur beach, and you can even participate to make donations to community organizations who care about the preservation of Bali's turtle. You can join to release turtle hatchlings or baby while enjoying the beauty of Kuta or Sanur beach. 

This activity is certainly also useful for your children, so that they could see first hand the conservation work, is also beneficial to add your children's knowledge about the biology and conservation of the environment and endangered species for the future of mankind.

Activities of the participants of Miss World in September 2013 in the of Bali Safari & Marine Park, also baby turtle release event at Pantai Ikan, Nusa Dua is expected to inspire the participants of the contest, the Balinese people and the international community to more concerned with the nature conservation and salvation the rare animals. The natural balance which based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana is a wise way to keep the earth a more beautiful and sustainable.


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