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Harrison Ford shooting a movie about the forest environmental in Indonesia

Harrison Ford make movie in Kalimantan, Indonesian forest
Harrison Ford received a garland of trained elephants at the camp in the flying squad WWF Nilo forest. Image: Zamzami,
Celebrities and socialites can indeed be an appeal to raise important issues that could attract the attention of world leaders and society so that the world would pay closer attention to a problem that has occurred, especially when the problem will have broad impact in the future.
Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Hans Solo, Harrison Ford new movie
Indiana Jones. 
Recently, the Hollywood film star, best known for the movie Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford was in Indonesia. Ford is making a documentary glow 'Years of Living Dangerously' is one of the highlights of deforestation in Indonesia.

Such as his role in Indiana Jones who became an archaeologist, in the real world, Ford now become environmental activists. Ford is very attentive to the protection of tropical rain forests. Indonesia has a fairly high rate of forest destruction due to logging, conversion for plantations and forest fires. It is considered not surprising then Ford, starring Hans Solo in Star Wars, pay attention and heed Indonesia, as reported by, Tuesday (09/10/2013).
Years of Living Dangerously the shooting, Harrison Ford new movie, Indonesian forest, save Indonesian forest, reboisasi
Harrison Ford and crew when shooting in Nilo forestImage: Zamzami,
Harrison Ford made ​​a movie called "Years of Living Dangerously" is in the jungle of Central Kalimantan.

 He also had to Pekanbaru, Riau province, in an area where there is frequent forest fires. Shooting was also carried out in Nilo National Park, Riau.

Previously on 7 September 2013, Harrison and the entire team including researchers set out to palm plantation owned by Sinar Mas by using two helicopters. With a half day to spend more time making films in the estate, the star of the film "Indiana Jones" was then left for Nilo Nilo Forest National Park in Pelalawan and arrived around 5 pm in the camp flying squad, which is managed by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and WWF Indonesia.

Harrison Ford meets Indonesian President

In addition to interviewing the Minister of Forestry, Harrison Ford also interviewed President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Presidential spokesman, Julian Aldrin Pasha, said the interview process was very good, constructive, and positive.
Harrison Ford and SBY, Harrison Ford interview Indonesian president
Harrison Ford and the President of Indonesia SBY at the presidential office before the interview.Image:
Harrison asked the President on the government policies related to issues of environmental preservation. When the interview and President SBY, Ford also mentioned the issue of strategic affairs in the the government policy environmental protection. It is said that Indonesia contributes greatly to the global environment.

Trembesi tree, Indonesian forest, save the Indonesian forest
Trembesi tree in the courtyard Indonesian Presidential Palace

 It was definitely a great role because Indonesia has vast rainforest which definitely affects the global climate. That's why Indonesia's forests must be protected with the support of the international community.

Indonesian government, since SBY became president has run a program to plant one billion trees, including planting trees Trembesi very tolerant on the weather and were able to absorb air pollution. Tree planting was also carried out by NGOs and some private-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises in Indonesia. Planted trees also vary according to the location and weather as well as soil and climate conditions in the local area.

Singapore has also planted a tree a long time this Trembesi endorsed by Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew, Singapore is also known to have created a Garden City.

The film, titled Years of Living Dangerously made ​​in the 8 series we expect success when played in the whole world, so that environmentalists and world leaders will help Indonesia to preserve Indonesia's rainforests, not only cut down the trees, and enjoy the fruits of the forest from Indonesia. The world community also have the same responsibilities as society and the government Indonesa.


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