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Adventure and save coral reefs in Ujung Kulon National Park

Save coral reef in Ujung Kulon, save coral reef, diving in ujung kulon
Diving in Ujung Kulon. Image:
Are you a tourist who also cares about environmental sustainability? You are also people who want to prevent global warming? 

Perhaps you are also very fond of a diver or snorkel in the crystal clear beaches. 

Underwater beauty can indeed be sea sports activities. There are many novice and professional divers who have enjoyed the beauty of the coral reefs in many exotic dive spots. Are they also care to save coral reefs (terumbu karang), beautiful fishes and many other marine resources? 

Ujung Kulon National Park you can also find the rare one-horned rhinoceros (badak bercula satu), met with a herd of Javanese bison (Banteng Jawa), and protected areas has tremendous biodiversity. If you are a scientist and forest lovers, you must be happy adventure in this park.

Those concerned about the marine environment must be sad when divers just want to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea without a care in the coral reefs where they dive. Probably not many people realize the importance of coral reef ecosystems in the ocean.
A one-horned rhino, ujung kulon national park, rhino
A one-horned rhino and her child. Image:
Coral reefs and all marine life is attractive as a tourist destination, as divers eager to dive in Raja Ampat, Nusa Penida, Wakatobi, Great Barrier Reef or dive in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, and many other exotic locations.

Climate change and its effect on coral reefs.

Coral reefs play an important role to support the diversity of marine species as well as facilitate an irreplaceable source of food the sea creatures. Extreme climate change is one of the causes of disturbances on coral reefs.

Banteng Jawa, Java Bison, Java bull, Ujung Kulon national park, coral reef
Java bison herd in Ujung Kulon National Park .Image:
If you care about the preservation of coral reefs and all marine life, then you can contribute, for example, you join a community of nature lovers of the sea. 

This community can be met in Ujung Kulon National Park, in Pandeglang, Banten province, Indonesia. Marine parks in this area are very beautiful and stunning.
Tourists and divers are joining this community will be allowed to dive and put a container filled with coral reefs, and then put the container on the seabed. Involvement tourists, divers and communities as well as from domestic and international are expected to maintain the preservation of coral reefs and marine life in Ujung Kulon National Park.

Besides the extreme of climate change, the role of communities surrounding national parks is also important. They are expected not to damage coral reefs; do not even steal coral reefs and beautiful fish for sale.

Turns reef lover’s community activities and the presence of tourists who dive in Ujung Kulon National Park also make the people around the park became prosperous. Ujung Kulon resident are farmers and fisher folk. Their lives depend on nature conservation and coral reef in the park.

Now is the time for you to join the community of nature lovers in the sea Ujung Kulon National Park or other locations such as in Amed Beach, Bali and many other marine parks around the world. If our environment is protected from disturbance or the extreme weather changes, and particularly safe from the hands of ignorant humans, then we can prevent global warming.


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