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Balinese unique way to protect trees

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Bunut Bolong, Manggisari, Bali. Image: Bali is My Life (Faceebok fan page)
Human, environmental and other hosts such as animals or trees should live together in peace, to care for each other. When people need a way to get to a place, would have made ​​a good road so they can get faster in the goal. If you look at this photo, a community on the island of Bali has a unique way to rescue an old tree, a tree named "Bunut", which was related to tree banyan tree. Incidentally this tree has no gaps or holes, then there was a compromise between man and the tree, the tree can still grow beautiful, people can freely pass on the sidelines of the tree to go to another village and return to their hometown, and vice versa.

Hindu communities in Bali believe a philosophy known as the "Tri Hita Karana". So, there are three things that must be done by humans: First, establish relationship which harmonious with God the Creator. Second: Humans also foster harmonious relationships with fellow human beings. Third: People should have a balanced and harmonious relationship with the environment.

That's why this Bunut tree can be saved and harmonious relationships happen in this universe. Hopefully the story of a tree called "Bunut Bolong" This could give you and me an inspiration about holistic compassion to save the environment and prevent global warming. That is our pledge to the welfare and happiness of future generations. Note: Bolong = hole.

There are many ways to save the environment, such as planting of one billion trees program by the Ministry of Environment of Indonesia, the adoption of a tree, so you can have a tree or tree be some that you pay to be planted by an environmental organization. How about you? You can certainly do something for the preservation of our nature.

Your concern and your love for tree rescue program and the environment, you can realize by donating via Paypal account. A dollar or the Pound Sterling or any currency could be the beginning of conservation and saving the environment. Yes, you surely can.

There's a will, there's a way! This unique tree "gives" way to villagers at Manggisari, about 86 km from Denpasar, Bali, without having to go around it. It's an interesting place to visit not only to see the natural tree locals call "Bunut Bolong" but also to see the sights of clover plantation nearby. (Quoted from Bali is My Life Fan Page in Facebook).

If you are on holiday to Bali, besides you enjoy the beautiful beaches of Bali or Balinese dance, a time to yourself and your family to visit the tree "Bunut Bolong", so you get inspired as I am. Let's go to Bali and enjoy green holiday in paradise.


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