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Building the Green Infrastructure

Bundaran HI Jakarta, great flood, environment in Jakarta
Flooding in the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, January, 17, 2013. Image:

Great flood that occurred in Jakarta and other natural disasters that occurred in various countries earlier this year and that happened last year was apparently not aware of our government officials, members of parliament about the importance of protecting the environment and nature around us.

Rain forest in Indonesia, green infrastructure, save forest, reboisasi
Rain forest in Indonesia. Image:

Members of the community also has important role to save the environment, for example, do not dispose of household waste into the river. Behaviour of individuals, who care to do a little every day things such as disposing of waste or garbage in the space provided, is also a positive action to save the world from catastrophe.

Political Will

In terms of policy and legislation, it is time the government and members of parliament to make crucial policy build green infrastructure in the surrounding mountains, in forests, on beaches, in rivers, in lakes, in the villages and cities. As we have experienced so far, the construction of infrastructure is only focused on the physical construction like a highway, bridges, office buildings, shopping centres, seaports and airports only. This perception must be enhanced with the development of green infrastructure. 

mangrove forest in Tarakan, replanting mangrove
Mangrove forests in Tarakan, East Kalimantan Image:
What is the green infrastructure to be built in an area that was mentioned? In the mountains and the countryside typically grows native forests, protected forests, there is even a forest to meet the needs of the industry. In some countries, indigenous forests and protected forests (rain forest) turned out much needed ongoing massive reforestation. Lots of forests logged massively without immediate replanting (reboisasi). So, consequently mountainous regions experiencing major problems, such as erosion (erosi) and reduced or lack water absorption. If there is a big rain, there will be flooding in the lowlands, both in rural and in town.

flood in Jakarta, bunderan HI, Joko Wi, Ahok
Jokowi (left) and Ahok (right) pictured at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in JakartaImage:

The city officials issued license easily skyscrapers, huge shopping malls and highway (toll road) construction. On the other hand the development of public transportation received less attention from the government and members of Parliament. Urban development leads to reduced water catchment areas, also reduced the number of city parks, the urban forest was change the function becomes shopping malls, hotel or office buildings. If extreme weather changes, the flooding cannot be prevented, there will be a disaster for the town and surrounding villages.

 The Governor Jakarta, Joko Widodo (Joko Wi) from 2013 will make the well catchment (sumur resapan) of 100,000, and is planned to be completed within five years. This plan was carried out simultaneously with other projects related to flood mitigation in Jakarta. Joko Wi certainly need support from the President of Indonesia, and local governments nearby Jakarta, the government of West Java, Banten province, and of course the support from politicians, the public, non-governmental organizations, community Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang and surrounding areas. Joko Wi is unable to do this great project alone only with Basuki Cahya Purnama (Ahok) Vice governor of Jakarta.
sumur resapan, city parks, green infrastructure
An example infiltration wells to collect rain water. Image:

Green infrastructure such as reforestation must be built not only in the mountains, but it should do well along the coast, such as expanding mangrove forests, build dikes around the river so that the water flow can be regulated when to be discharged into the sea, and the construction of the canal is also very important.

Owners of office buildings, hotels and housing in urban areas should be obliged to make rainwater catchment wells (sumur resapan) that are easily absorbed when heavy rains happened. City parks and the urban forest should be reproduced in a variety of areas. People in the countryside and the city must also participate actively to maintain the cleanliness of their environment.

If the development of green infrastructure is built with a serious and committed by the government and private companies, and even by the whole community, then we will be protected from natural disasters and global warming.

It is time we act to remind the environmental activists, nongovernmental organizations, governments, the public and lawmakers that green infrastructure development be a top priority.


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