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Green Resolutions

                             Rice field in Bali.  Image:

Although many government officials, environmentalists, students, organizations and ordinary people have started to actively speak out on the importance of protecting the environment, but a passion to spread the idea to prevent global warming should always sounded every second. The campaign to prevent global warming could do with some activities as follows:

1. Each individual and family actively recycles movement.
2. Perform reuse if we have the materials or equipment that is still functioning, so it is not always buying new products.
3. Replace dead trees by planting new plants, flowers and fruit trees in the yard.

Rain forest in Australia. Image:

4. Remember always to conserve water in the home, office and public places. 
5. If you are an activist or a student, you can make planting mangrove seedlings (tanaman bakau, mangrove trees) on the coast, so there is no erosion and abrasion along the beach.
6. Small and large forest must be addressed so that is always green, if necessary, would be done planting new trees. The government also should be encouraged to stop the conversion of protected forest (rain forest) to mining, residential, industrial and other activities that undermine sustainability.
7. The government should encourage large companies to produce goods and create environmentally friendly technologies.
8. Agricultural land and plantations that begin to focus on growing vegetables, fruits and food products that utilize fertilizers and organic cultivation.
9. If you are going on vacation, go visit the beautiful places that preserve nature. If you support eco tourism, then you have contributed to the preservation of our planet such as Raja Ampat, Bali, Australia and other places.
Raja Ampat, Papua. Image:

For the resolution number 10, please you write it. You must also have a green resolution to make next year better than this year. Prevention of global warming is not only the task of a government official or organization, we as members of society, the family also have the same responsibilities that keep our planet green and comfortable. You can also participate by spreading this website to family, friends and your community throughout the world.

Stop global warming together. Enjoy the years of joy, now and tomorrow.


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