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Let's Create something to prevent the environmental damage

Remember that a few years ago, our world is being destroyed by human greed... The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a testament to that. Please help! Raise awareness about oil spills and other enviromental issues around the world.

This Poster created by Putu Agung WP
There are many events on the environmental pollution caused by carelessness, greed of humans and great company. Mining, oil, factories that use hazardous chemicals and certain industries also have a huge responsibility on the pollution resulting from their business activities.

Large companies must be able to process industrial waste; they are also able to carry out the prevention of environmental degradation.

Community and environmental activists are also consumers of various products produced large and medium enterprises. 

If the company is proving harmful to the environment, the communities along the activists could protest and asked the government to penalize companies that destroy the natural beauty.

Apparently the artists also have a sensitivity and awareness to enlighten the public through their artwork. The work exists in many forms and uses a variety of media. Their artwork can be seen at various places, also on the Internet. Their work can also be purchased so that you always remember the importance of environmental rescue.
Don't forget to purchase their work, so they can create more artwork to save our planet.

Are you also interested in creating a work of art or writing books, blog and create a website, produce merchandise about the environment? We can start now.


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