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Bike to Work to create Blue Sky


Let's join bike to work community. We can save energy and enjoy a better air, blue sky and we can reduce air pollution. Yes, we can create more green community together.There are a lot of young people go to work by riding a bike in Jakarta, as well as in other cities such as Yogyakarta and Beijing.

 They get two benefits at the same time, a healthy body and save non-renewable energy: petrol and diesel. The government does not yet support this young program seriously. Special roads for cyclists are not so much, so the cyclists have to contend with motor vehicle.

The program is supposed to be blue sky important programs in various countries. The world is full of air and noise pollution. If government officials around the world to pay attention to the use of green energy such as cow dung used as bio-gas, the countries which have a "resident" of cows and other animals, the smell of their droppings can be useful to support the availability of electrical energy. Bio gas from cow manure or pig manure can be used to help the housewife cooking a delicious meal.

Whether you are riding a bike today?


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