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How to Save Energy Through Car Maintenance

By eHow Holidays & Celebrations Editor

The classic American car is becoming more expensive to buy and maintain. International turmoil and limited access to environmental resources have driven the cost of fuel to new highs. It's more important than ever to take steps that save energy through basic car maintenance.

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Treat your car's owner's manual like the Bible. Strictly follow all recommendations for fuels, fluids and engine lubricants. Automotive maintenance needs will vary greatly between different makes and models, so it's vital that you trust your owner's manual for guidance.

Schedule regular checkups with a trusted mechanic. You'll eliminate the need for costly repairs by detecting and addressing minor maintenance issues before they get too severe. Regular maintenance will help to limit exhaust emissions and increase your car's resale value.

Change your car's oil every 6,000 miles or 6 months, depending on which comes first. This is one of the most routine and inexpensive car maintenance issues.

Invest in motor oil that's labeled as "energy conserving." Your car's owner's manual will detail a range of multi-grade oils that are safe for your engine. Select the lowest multi-grade rating that's safe for your car to help save energy.

Monitor your car's temperature closely. Invest in engine coolant as needed to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Detect and address all problems with your car's mechanical systems. While these expenses might be costly, untreated mechanical problems can impact your car's fuel efficiency. Inspect your car's ignition system, drivetrain and emissions system.


Refill your tires with air at the first sign that they've deflated. A tire that's even slightly deflated can drastically reduce road life and the engine's fuel efficiency. By investing a small amount to re-inflate your tires, you can save a bundle on tires, gas and a host of other minor maintenance concerns.


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